Artist Hema who is well known for her satirical dialogues in Telugu film industry is a married woman. She got married many years ago and still continues her acting career. Some sources reveal that Hema, Udaya Bhanu, Jhansi and Suma started their careers through Doordarshan Channel and then migrated to the film industry.

Hema’s acting is impeccable as her dialogues delivery in ‘Athadu’, ‘Shiva’, ‘Malleshwari’ and many such films has fetched her positive laurels from her co-stars and the audiences. But nowadays the gossipmongers are said to be chanting this lady’s name in their gossips. The reason is said to be her illegal relationship with a Villain turned Character artists. Some sources reveal that the two are infatuated towards each other and are maintaining a secret relationship. The lady is said to be very much attracted with the person who started his career as a villain and then is perpetuating as a character artists in the film industry. According to sources, these two are seen together in every shopping mall and also in the film functions are said to be in physical relationship. Hema’s hubby is silent on this matter but close sources reveal that he committed a suicide attempt recently unable to bear his wife’s illegal relationship with her co-star.

The media people in a recent film press meet rigged out the matter and have confirmed that Hema is in a two year contract agreement terms with the villain turned character artist and after two years they will decide whether to give the relationship a legal bonding or part on their own ways.

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